Steel Up and Over Garage doors   

Steel doors are timeless in appearance and always up-to-date.
Whether choosing one of the ribbed designs that offer a quiet elegance
to blend in with almost any environment, or one of the panelled designs
that give a lasting prestige of classical beauty. 

Irrespective of the colour, all steel doors are primed with
a high-grade powder-coating.
The galvanized door leaves are protected against corrosion
and the adverse effects of the environment right into the cut edges.

Bring colour into play!
Steel garage doors can be supplied in a variety of
colours from the RAL colour chart: 
 Garage side doors can only be supplied to
colour match in the following colours:
RAL 8028, RAL 3003, RAL 5011 and RAL 6005

The Decograin® surface finishes with the authentic
appearance of real timber.
A selected range of door designs is available in the Decograin®
surface finishes “Golden Oak“ and “Rosewood“. With its
embossed structure, this new UV-resistant synthetic foil coating
on the outer face of the door leaf displays all the authentic
features of real timber. Thanks to the special surface protection,
the door retains its good looks for much longer.